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We invite you to learn more about the historical land of Aran, that throughout its history occupied a strategic position. The architectural and artistic heritage of the Val d'Aran, Pyrenees, as well as all the parish churches in the small villages of the valley, deserve special attention as soon as natural attractions of the valley, in particular - the National Park. Russian-speaking guide.

Routes in the cold season:

  • Routes for ½ day

    - Excursion to Bagneres-de-Luchon (Banhères de Luishon)

    This French resort is famous for geothermal, its water contains a large amount of sodium sulfate. The village has a Romanesque church of the 12th century, and many buildings 18-19 centuries.
    Program: walking tour around Bagneres-de-Luchon, Luchon + cross-cultural museum (extra charge € 1 per entry), the oldest museum dedicated to the development of the Pyrenees + lift in the Val-de-lis and inspection of the waterfall Cascada de Infierno (height 1200 meters, elevation 70 meters). In case of bad weather, the valley is closed for visitors.

  • Routes for ½ day

    - Tour around Bossòst
    The village, located in the municipality of Lower Aran (Bajo Aran) is 8 km from the border with France and is a favorite spot of shopping for French tourists and the main tourist center after Vielha. A walk through the ancient streets and visit the church Bossost with thousands of years of history will leave no one indifferent. The tour includes visits to the new fauna park Aran Park
    (reservation required at least two weeks prior to the event).


Freetime with kids

Baqueira is perfect for a ski holiday with children. Some hotels have rooms for the family and children's animation program, and in the winter time in Baqueira operates Children's snow park, while the adults can leave their kids for several hours.
The experienced ski instructor will teach you and your child all the necessary skating techniques. The Valleys offers a wide variety of active facilities for children: the Ice Palace (Vielha) and Adventure Park Naturaran (Forest).
To find out which restaurants offer children's menus, click here.

You can shop for chidren´s goods in the following shops:

Children´s toys:
Vielha: Cortina Joguines, Edelweiss, Es Pirinèus
Bossóst: Joguines Paquit, Margalida

Children's clothing stores:
Les: Boutique Mainadera
Bossóst: Mongay-Mongay
Vielha: Parpalhòla, Tras-Tros, Tricobebe,


In the valley there are several museums that deserve attention and tell a full story about the culture, traditions and history of the Valley.

Museum of snow

museum snowIn this modern museum, opened five years ago, you'll learn all about snow. The snow here is examined from the scientific, ethnographic, and sporting point of view, there are interactive exhibits and audio-visual material. What is snow? How do people adapt to the snow? How winter sports were developed? When the first ski resort was opened? And the first professional snow association? Without a doubt, the museum will be interesting both for adults and children.

Musèu dera Nhèu, Mon, Tue, Thursday (10.00-13.00) and Thurs, Fri and Sat (17.00-20.00)
Unha (Unya)

Ethnographic MuseumMuseu-eth-Corrau

The museum contains a complete collection of objects that define the culture, the traditions, the system of labor organization and Crafts of the Valley. The museum exhibites over 2,500 unique items, from household items to tools that were used in the valley hundreds of years ago.

Musèu eth Corrau
Bagergue (Bagerge)

museu-del-Val-dAranMuseum of the History of Val d'Aran

Since 1984, it is located in the building of the manor house of the XVII century, in the old district of Vielha. The permanent exhibition tells about the role of history in the development of the Aran Valley. You can imagine what the life was like in a valley in a bygone era.

Musèu dera Val d'Aran
Carrer Major, 26
Vielha (Vielha)

JoanchiquetMuseum of the Local life

The museum is located in the village of Vilamos and has the best preserved traditional architecture of the valley. Museum is a prototype of the traditional Aran house, which consists of several adjacent buildings: the actual house, sheds, dovecotes and granaries. The museum respires an atmosphere of rural residential homes of the late XIX century.

El Ecomusèu çò de Joanchiquet, Tue-Thu (11.00-14.00 and 16.00-19.00, Sun 11.00-14.00)
c / Mayor
Vilamòs (Vilamos)

The manor house

The house was built in 1820 and is interesting by itself. Legend tels that a gentleman built it for his wife, who was born in the village of Arrós. The old men say that the owner received the main income from the cattle, but dealt in Barcelona. However, the owner of the house was ruined, and the local government bought the house in 1951. During the long period of time there were a school inside the building. Now here is stored photo archive, assembled an extensive library on a historical theme.

La Casa deth Senhor d'Arròs
Arròs (Arrós)

Coal mines in Ares

Route for those who want to get acquainted with the industrial past of the valley and visit the highland mines of coal.

Minas Victoria de Arés
Arés (Ares)

Mill Salardú

All the Pyrenean lands of water have always been the main source of energy. Water is put in motion mill, sawmill and spinning mills. Flour mill in Salardú was recently restored - and today we can observe the work of the old mechanism inside, see with our own eyes how the grain is converted into flour.

Molá de Salardú
Salardú (Salardú)

Fabrica-dera-LanSpinning mill

Spinning mills of Vielha are the typical representative of the small industries that emerged in the middle of the XIX century on both sides of the central Pyrenees. The plant was built by Rafael Lafuste, educated in France, the plant worked on the energy from the river Nera. After a devastating flood in 1963, the factory began to operate on electricity, and in the 70-ies of the last century it was closed. In 1999, the local government bought the building and later on opened there a Museum of Contemporary History of Val d'Aran.

Fábrica dera Lana
Vielha (Vielha)

Museum of the Pyrenees

Mon-Sat (11:00-13:30 and 16:30-19:00)


In the Valle there is a wide selection of shops selling sporting equipment and clothing, souvenir shops, jewelry and shoe stores. Most of the shopping opportunities are concentrated in the Vielha.

Alps organizes day excursions / shopping tours from the Valley to Andorra.


More than 180 restaurants are opened in the valley during the winter season, they offer all the variety of culinary traditions of the Valley: Aran, French and Spanish cuisine as well as a number of separate dishes borrowed from the traditions of the Alps. Most of the restaurants are a family business, where a chef was born and has grown up in the valley, received and education in France and is always present in the kitchen during the season, always happy to welcome the guests.



11 best restaurants in the valley. All of them have the menu on Russian.


Creative cozy restaurant with Aran kitchen at the foot of the slopes. It was one of the first to be opened in Baqueira in 1976, and over the years won a reputation as one of the best restaurants of the valley. It has three halls, two of which are set aside for small businesses and companies for fondue and raclette.

Where: Baqueira, Edif.Bisiberri, the central square of El Forum
Average bill:

Casa Irene

Gorgeous Aran kitchen, pleasant atmosphere, attention to every detail and guest services in Russian. King Juan Carlos dined here 117 times. Specialties of restaurant: halibut with onion, pickled in the old wine vinegar, roasted pigeon with morels, rib-eye steak sauce innards, pear tartlet with caramel sauce or honey cream with saffron.

Where: Arties, c / Major, 3
Average bill:
Hours: 13.00-15.00, 20.00-22.30

Eth Restilhè

A cozy family restaurant with a 35-year history offers traditional cuisine. The kitchen uses local products of the highest quality. Salads, Olla aranesa, pies, homemade desserts and a good wine list. If desired, you can watch the process of preparing food in the kitchen itself.

Where: Garos, Plaça de la Carrera, 2
Average bill:
Opening hours.
Mon-Thu dinner (Phase 1): 2000-2200, (stage 2) and 22.15 before closing
Fri-Sat 13.30-15.30 lunch dinner (Phase 1): 2000-2200, (stage 2) and 22.15 before closing
Sunday - closed.

Era Mola - Gustavo y María José

A small, family-run restaurant serving traditional Spanish cuisine in the heart of Vielha. The stone walls and wooden beams create a cozy atmosphere. Try the egg-cocotte with foie gras, truffles and potatoes, cream of langoustine with sauteed shrimp, roasted pork knuckle, river trout "at home", pancake cake with mandarin mousse.

Where: Carrèr Marrec, 14, Vielha (Vielha)
Average bill:

Era Coquela

The best of all the restaurants of Vielha is located next to the Ice Palace on the banks of the River Garonne and offers Aran creative cuisine, quality food and excellent service. Specialties: mushroom risotto with carpaccio of venison with caramelised sturgeon, vegetables and vegetable chips, duck breast with black currant liqueur. A great selection of desserts and wines.

Where: Avenguda Garona, 29, Vielha (Vielha)
Average bill:


A restaurant serving traditional Basque and Aran cuisine was founded in 1985. Located in the village Baguergue a five-minute drive from the ski station, in a quiet and comfortable place. Some specialties: fried sea bream with garlic and chili peppers, soaked in Jerez Gran Reserva, leg of lamb with honey and rosemary with baked potato, salad with baked goat cheese under the balsamic vinegar.

Where: C / Major 16, Baguergue
Average bill:
Hours: Tue-Fri, 20.00-23.00. Mon - closed.
On weekends and public holidays, the restaurant is opened from 13.00 to 15.60 and from 20.00 to 23.00

Eth Cerer de Montadí

Restaurant in Salardú opened since 1967 is specializing in meat, they are experts to prepare grilled beef bones. It is cozy and has closed rooms for smaller companies. The restaurant's extensive wine list is available on the website. Try hake with roasted garlic, potato casserole or pork sausage with white beans.

Where: Salardú (Salardú), opposite bank La Caixa
Average bill:

Casa Peru

The atmospheric restaurant serving contemporary author Aran kitchen with beautiful views of the valley. located in Bagerge - the most high village of Val d'Aran (1409 m). Today, the restaurant is run by the fourth generation of restaurateurs, so, the quality of service and food is excellent. Try the tortilla, venison and homemade beer and desserts.

Where: C / st. Antoni, 4. (Bagergue), Bagerge
Average bill:
Hours: / casaperu


The restaurant offers Aran creative cuisine in vanguard interiors. Speciality - the famous entrecote «Café de París». A great place to end the day after a few hours of riding.

Where: C / Baile Francisco Barra, Artiès (Artiès)
Average bill:
Hours: Mon, Wed, Thu, everything 20.00-23.00, Fri-Sat 20.00-24.00, Sunday - closed. Restaurant opening hours during the Christmas holidays at Easter: 13.30-15.30

Prat Aloy

One of the best restaurants Salardú, located on the banks of the river, you can come here to the apres-ski on pintxos, to degustation of gin and tonics, and, of course, for dinner. Traditional Aran kitchen. fast and friendly service. The restaurant specializes in grilled meats, has a private farm to cultivate vegetables, produces pates and meat snacks. They use local products: cheese, sturgeon, mushrooms, meat and potatoes. Great cocktail menu.

Where: c / de Aiguamoig, Salardú (Salardú)
Average bill:
Hours: 17.00-01.00, weekends and public holidays, the restaurant is open all day. Monday - closed.

Eth Bot

Small cozy restaurant serving traditional Aran cuisine is located in a traditional house and offers a great selection of meat dishes. It is considered the best restaurant in Salardú.

Average bill:
Where: Plaza Major, 1, Salardú (Salardú)

Vegetarian restaurant

The owners of the Museum of the Pyrenees in Salardú is a married couple, they also offer guests all services in the building that before was the first mountain refuge in Val d'Aran. Today it has become a cozy hostel and a museum. The hostess prepares excellent vegetarian meals that are served in the hall next to the fireplace. Only with a reservation.

Where: Plaça Major / C-28, Salardú (Salardú)


gastronomiaGin and tonics tasting

We invite you to taste the best gin and tonics (new Spanish trend) in the village of Salardú. You'll learn the secrets of the mixing of gin and tonic and surprise your friends and family with new knowledge and skills. We offer you to learn everything about the different combination of gin and tonics. You will mix the drinks, moving from simple to difficult, and learn about new trends in this difficult craft of the bartender.

Wine and cheese tasting

Excellent wine tastings take place in the Valley, and as a snack you can eat heese, light salads, sliced venison and other delicacies. Owners of local wine shops know everything about wine tasting, they know methods of production of white, red and pink wines, champagne and cava, as well as all the latest news and even details of personal lives of wine producers. In the relaxed atmosphere of a home you will not only learn to work with wine, but also get valuable dining experience and relax in great company.

Also you can opt for the following tastings: vodka / gin / whiskey / rum with various kinds of snacks.


masterTop chefs Valley will hold you for a master class on the Aran or Spanish cuisine. They can also offer you services lika a private chef (in the apartments, for private celebrations).

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