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Apres ski and nightife

Apres-ski and nightlife in Baqueira and the Aran costs tourists less than similar entertainment in most alpine resorts. Weekend are the busiest time, when people come to the valley from Madrid, Barcelona, Portugal and France.

Baqueira, Arties and Vielha are the main centers of nightlife in Valley, there are some great apres-ski bars in Salardú.

The Valley has the great concert program, the most popular music styles sound there - jazz, funk, soul, reggae, rock, pop, electronic dance music, Latin American rhythms, flamenco and others. Many national and international musicians played here (Pau Donés, Mikel Erentxun, Macaco, Calima, Kumar, Perico Sambeat, Black Gandhi, dj Matthias Tanzmann and others).

Lunch - up to 15.00
Pintxos and wine bars - after 19.00
Dinner - 20.30-21.00
Pubs and concert halls -  22.00 to 03.00 (weekdays pubs are open until 02.30)
Discos - from 00.00 to 05.00 (better to come after 0300).

Apres-ski bars


Bar Baquiera 1500. Every Saturday from 15.00 to 18.00 après-ski party with DJ Loopnavarro. Admission is free.
Bar BBArt. Ed. Campalias, daily 8.00-12.00, 17.00-02.00
Bar Eth Refugi. Beer bar with microbreweries that sell 6 types of beer of its own production.
The bar / restaurant C-Roack/Tamarro. A great place for those who are hungry after a day of skying, on Wednesday takes place a night pre-party for Gran Miércoles.
Montana. Apres-ski with meals; Dj-sets and concerts on weekends.


Los domingos al sol. Every Sunday if the weather is sunny the après-ski party takes place on the terrace of the bar: concerts, Dj, great views of the valley and mountains. Enjoy Aran sun with good music and a glass of Clara (beer and soda) in your hands. From 15.00 to 18.00. Audience:> 25 years, skiers / snowboarders / local. Where: Refugi Juli Soler Santalò, CEC, Salardú. Admission: free
Prats d'Aloy. Apres-ski with a fireplace, wine tasting, gin and tonics tastings




Basteret. This bar is being operating since 1980 and offers a great selection of wines and pintxos.
Urtau. Network of taverns, offering more than 70 kinds of pintxos. Also presented in Arties and Bossost.
Vielhitos. The bar offers more than 10 kinds of kroketas, classic pintxos, and dishes based on original recipes such as venison stew for chocolate (civet con cohocolate) or meatballs with prawns (trompetas con gambas). We recommend to try Sartencillas (food cooked on a small frying pan), burgers with duck fillet and home-made kalsots (grilled leeks).


Salardú -Delicatessen
Vielha - Eth Cum, Saxo Blu
Arties - La Luna, Divino, Millenium


Dance Clubs

In the Valley are two discos, worthy your attention.

  • Trokotro (Vielha). All year-round, is popular within the locals.
  • Montana (Baqueira). In the cold season, tourists / local.


Pintxos is a kind of tapas, born in the capital of the Basque Country San Sebastian, which is well caught in the Val d'Aran and is a very famous kind of snack. If you have selected a few pintxos and at urtauthe end of a meal you want to pay - just count the number of short and long sticks and the waiter quickly calculate the cost.

If you buy drinks in Spain, you usually order various snacks that are generally called "tapas". It can be any type of food: a slice of Spanish ham, Padron peppers, cheese and anchovies.
Pintxos are often a combination of tasty small foods place on a slice of baguette bread. Delicious. They often have a skewer (toothpick) holding them together. This skewer in known as a "pincho", thus the name for this type of food. The toppings can vary a lot, it depends on the imagination of the chef. Most traditional toppings are Atlantic tuna and salad with tuna and onions, anchovies, ham, chorizo sausage, salmon, small cutlets of venison or wild boar. Cod is often used, in many forms, for the pintxos.

There is story behind the use of cod for pintxos: a long time ago, Basque sailors sailed to the island of Newfoundland and caught a codfish there. The journey home was long, so the fish was immediately peppered with sea salt, to avoid spoiling. Of course, you will never find such salted codfish; it will be first soaked in water. Another popular topping for pintxos are Padron peppers (the Padron village is the only place on earth where sort of pepper grows). This pepper should be eaten as soon as possible, when it is matured, it is very bitter. A raw Padron peppers taste good, but if they are fried in a little olive oil with sea salt, you get something special. You can also put on a piece of tortilla (Spanish omelet) on a toasted circle of baguette.

Pintxos perfectly combine with cider. In Spain, during cider festivals "pintxo competitions" often take place. Favorite activity of the inhabitants of the Valley is to go after work to bars and drink a glass of cider and eat pintxos. And all the pintxos are displayed directly on the bar, the bartender just gives the guest a plate, and he chooses the pintxo he wants to enjoy and then he says to the bartender how many pintxos he has eaten. The bars normally don't always have seats, you eat and drink at the bar directly. The popularity of the bar can often be seen when the guests are lined up outside! After a drink with pintxos, it's time for dinner. It's time to sit down and enjoy a delicious meal in one of the many Aranese restaurants. By the way, while drinking wine and enjoying pintxos you might want to play a game of cards!.


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