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Aranese gastronomy is a symbol of the valley. Aran Kitchen originated in the 70s, when the resort was developing and skiers eat the most simple meal: sausages, grilled meats and Aran soup was usually served for the dinner. The situation was to change: the most enterprising araneses traveled to France to study a unique gastronomic experience, that later, as well as Spanish traditions, formed the basis of the concept of the Aran gastronomy, that also experienced the impact of the Alpine traditions. Owners of the most important restaurants were born and grown up in the valley, that allows them to maintain the highest level of service.
Speaking of the Aran kitchen, we somehow talk about the gastronomic traditions of Occitania, which is also included in the concept of Mediterranean gastronomy.

Food traditions of the Aran Valley: Aran, Catalan, Spanish, French and international cuisine as well as pizzas and pancakes.

Healthy Eating

Aran offers to enjoy the best from its fertile land, natural foods without additives, preservatives or colorings. Berries (blueberries, strawberries, currants, raspberries), game, vegetables from the garden ... Traditional dishes are on the menu of most restaurants of the valley.

Traditional dishes: Olla aranesa, a dish of pork, poultry, various types of marinated meat, pancakes, raclette (meat gastronomy2roasted on hot stones), fondue.

Olla aranesa – a traditional soup made from meat, chicken, vegetables, chickpeas, white beans, rice vermicelli with eggs and herbs.

Meat, stewed in wine (civets) - Most often made from the meat of wild animals - wild boar, deer, roe deer, hare.

Cacolet - is very popular in the Languedoc, and is considered the king of the French Occitania. The name of the dish got its name from a ceramic bowl, in which it is supplied.

In the valley produce:gastronomy4

  • Liqueurs (blackcurrant liqueur Cassís, walnut liqueur Aigua de Nodes, liquor Pacharán of sloe berries);
  • Cheese;
  • The hunting sausages;
  • More than 100 species of duck meat products;
  • Pies;
  • Honey;
  • jam from berries;
  • Black caviar..

You ca find all the local products on the site:

Black Caviar from Val d'Aran.

The fish is artificially breeded to produce caviar only in 3 regions of Spain:Sierra Nevada, Navarre and the Aran Valley, where the annual production of "black gold" is over 800 kg. Half of it is sold in the domestic market. Ten years ago a fishing factory in the town of Les was engaged to cultivate artificial perch and trout. A few entrepreneurs form the Valley launched an experiment: they put into the water a dozen of sturgeon. Fish adapted perfectly, and the business took off. Aran caviar is bought by the best restaurants in Catalonia, Aragon, Valencia and Madrid, the production is exported to France and Japan. Price per kilo - 2100 € (for comparison, the Iranian beluga caviar costs 8000 € / kg). Brand Name Aran caviar, Nacarii, borrowed from the name of a species of sturgeon, which in the old days was driven into the waters of the valley. There are about 50 species of sturgeon in the world. And one of the most valuable gastronomy3species of sturgeon, Baikal sturgeon, is cultivated in the Valley. Fry reach sexual maturity at age 7, and that after this period, they can give spawn twice a year, in spring and autumn, at which time their weight is 7-13 kg. Each female gives about 800 grams of eggs. "For us, the main thing it's the quality of caviar. In Asia, it is produced in large quantities, but the quality of the product is low since water quality is lower "- says Tony Portalo, a biologist and director of the plant. "We never thought that our eggs will be in such demand," - he said. A total of 50,000 sturgeon is grown in the plant.

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